Psychoacoustic Evaluation

Psychoacoustics is the study of how humans perceive sounds. Different percepts(localisation, timbre, envelopment, etc.) can be investigated depending your requirements and interest.

Spatial audio systems can benefit from psychoacoustic evaluation to make sure that they are delivering the best results to listeners. This is particularly important for irregular systems where loudspeakers are not evenly distributed.

Psychoacoustic evaluation is also an essential part of proving that a new method, algorithm or product is better than previously existing technology.

High quality psychoacoustic evaluation can be a significant piece of work. The experiments need to be well designed to ensure the correct questions are asked (more difficult than it sounds) and that useful answers are obtained. Pre-tests have to be carried out, the experiment itself has to be rigorous and the analysis thorough. I have significant experience designing, running and analysing psychoacoustic experiments that I can use to help you.

Get in touch if you are planning a psychoacoustic evaluation. I can help with any or all stages you might require.